Robomax is a Robotics & Wireless Automation Training Program. This program will help your students to aware of recent technology and develop their skills on different technologies. The lab aims to work on research problems and innovative projects that extend the state of the art in robotics.

Getway Technology help students to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical learning by providing them in depth knowledge of various machines. We invite students to work upon the best and latest technologies in the ever fast changing world and also train students. We believe in extensive full depth training to the students, on the practical projects they want to work upon as per their choice. We helps school in providing smart education. We create Robotic Lab in Schools and provide robotic/electronic components and professional trainers to schools.

Need Of Learning Robotics At School Level?

Student Take Interest In Learning As Basic Of Robotics Is Explained By The Help Of Teaching Students How Robotic Toys Are Created.

Advantages to Students

  • Boosts their confidence levels.
  • Problem Solving and Training for Future careers
  • Logic Building & Programming
  • Hands-on Learning & Engagement
  • Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills.
  • How to communicate across different technology platforms.
  • A strong robotics curriculum can create leaders.
  • Robotics is FUN

Advantages to School

  • Helps in inculcating new teaching methodologies.
  • Children find it fun.
  • Effective way of introducing programming to students.
  • Provides skills useful in future employment.
  • Suitable for children with a range of abilities.
  • Demystifies a complex technology.
  • An Introduction to Programming.
  • Increases Creativity

Robotics Lab by Getway Technology

Robomax is a Activity Based Learning (ABL) laboratory comprising of advanced robots which can be used in experiments by the students in a comfortable school environment. Most of the advanced robots have been developed in your School by getway and its efficient technical team. Each robot device is accompanied with Robo Electronic Kit set along with a detailed curriculum which enlists a description of a comprehensive set of STEM concepts for the students.

The Getway Robotic Lab also supplies advanced set of building blocks which can be used as tools for building simulated real-world situations. The students can then carry out a variety of tasks which are defined for the robots and thus gain a very hands-on insight while doing such exercises. The curriculum also includes assessments which can be used by the teachers for evaluating the students' practical skills and knowledge.


Arduino refers to an open-source electronics platform or board and the software used to program it. Arduino board designs use a variety of microprocessors and controllers. Basic of Arduino Board and its role in robotics programming is explained to students so that they can understand how android programs are written and uploaded in Robots.

Electronic Training

E-training means the delivery of learning or Training Program by electronic means. E-learning involves the use of a computer or electronic device (e.g. a mobile phone) in some way to provide training, educational or learning material. Students get Basic knowledge of electronics and commonly used components in robotics.